10KM - 50 Mins (Blue Balloon)

Average Pace : 5min / km


From L to R : Leicester Liu, Randy Goh (2i/c), Noah Chan (i/c), Sim Kang Chong, Cheng Yong Leong



Run for your life! Have a good one! - Noah Chan


Stay focus and let’s cross the finishing line in 50mins - Randy Goh


Run with us to hit your pb😉 - Cheng Yong Leong


Be the best that you can be! - Leicester Lim

10KM - 1 HR 10 Mins (GREEN Balloon)

Average Pace : 7min / km


From L to R : Johnny Leong, Wendy Sim, Carol Goh(i/c), Sherlyn Soh

(Not in picture : Ann Ong, Caron Chan(2i/c))



It does not matter how fast you run. Find your happy pace and run with our green balloons team. Keep going and keep moving. Gambatee & Jia You 💪 - Carol Goh


You will get better each time, look back and see how far you have arrived!  This is your race and your moment - Make every step count. We will be there with you! - Caron Chan


Never give up! Keep going and you will reach your goal and destination in 70 mins! - Johnny Leong


Come run with team 70mins! We can't wait to see you! - Sherlyn Soh


Come experience the fun and joy of running in a group with the 70mins - Wendy Sim


10KM - 1 HR (RED Balloon)

Average Pace : 6min / km

From L to R :Jayden Yap, Deric Lau, Connie Yong, Sally Lim (2i/c),

Steven Tan  |  (Not in picture : P.C. Lee (i/c))



The satisfaction you get when you cross the finishing line is indescribable - PC Lee


Look out for red balloons to achieve a sub 1 hour. Whatever your goals, nothing is more important than enjoying the process - Sally Lim


If you aim to complete the race below 60min, let’s cross the finishing line together! - Connie Yong


Its not about the distance you run, its about the journey we create as a team, join us as we complete the race as one - Jayden Yap


Project Breaking 1! Step by step, we will get you your sub 60!! - Deric Lau


Your speed is limitless - keep moving, that is your encouragement - there is always someone slower or faster. 😝 - Steven Tan

10KM - 1 HR 20 MINS (PURPLE Balloon)

Average Pace : 8min / km

From L to R :Tan Choon Seng, Liu Lan Qin, Bernice Yeo (2ic), Chin Kuan Win  |  (Not in picture : Tan Poh Sim (i/c), Wan Nan, Terence Wong)



Aim to complete. Run happy!  - Bernice Yeo


Run Safe, Run Happy and enjoy the run with us on Race day😀 - Terence Wong


Every run makes a good day...join me, i will lead you to your goals ! - Liu Lan Qin





21.1KM - 1 HR 50 Mins (ORANGE Balloon)

Average Pace : 5:12min / km


From L to R : Moobin Khan, Victor lee, K.T. Goh (i/c), Lance Sum (2i/c), Muru, Sherwin Goh



We are your lighthouse marker for 1:50. Follow-us, overtake us. See you on race day. - K.T. Goh


Use us as your stepping stone to your goal. We keep the pace for you if you keep the faith in us.- Lance Sum


The Pride in Finishing a half marathon is much greater than all the pain endured during the run - Moobin Khan


It's not about how fast you run. It's about how long you stick with it. - Muru


If your target is to complete the half marathon in 1hr 50mins, just stick to my pacing group like glue, and we will help you achieve your goal! - Sherwin Goh

21.1KM - 2 HR 10 Mins (RED Balloon)

Average Pace : 6:09min / km


From L to R : Alvin Wong, Han Ying, Katherine Lim (i/c), Ong Seow Ming (2i/c), Reine Jong, Eric Chow



Join our team of pacers and finish the race together - Katherine Lim


Keep going and enjoy the run with us! - Ong Seow Ming


Just take a step at a time and keep breathing, keep running. You can do it with us encouraging you along the way. - Eric Chow


Find your strong and run with us! - Reine Jong


For those aiming for PB within 2 hrs 10 mins, do look out for us and we’ll lead the way for you! - Alvin Wong


Run happy, remember to relax and breathe deeply - Han Ying

21.1KM - 2 HR 30 Mins (PURPLE Balloon)

Average Pace : 7:06min / km


From L to R : Edi Iskandar Huang, Wan Sim Liew (2i/c), CK Lee (i/c), Connie Liang, Eddie Cheok

(Not in picture : Benjamin Chan, Koh Horn Kwong)



Follow us to run happy, run steady and run strong to the finishing line! - CK Lee


Just do it! Run happily and enjoy the run! - Wan Sim Liew


Tough runs don't last; tough runners do. Follow us and have fun at a steady pace! - Benjamin Chan


Feel good for your run. Stretch to your limit but keep safe and listen to your body ! - Koh Horn Kwong


Life is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself accordingly - Edi Iskandar Huang


Run While You Can.... Follow us to the finishing line - Eddie Cheok


“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. You just enjoy your run!” - Connie Liang



21.1KM - 2 HR  (BLUE Balloon)

Average Pace : 5:41min / km

From L to R :Gary Peh, Anthony Png, Jeff McLean (2i/c), S.M.Cheong (i/c), Chin Junsheng, Colin Koh



Want to go below 2 hrs? Then, run with us! - S.M. Cheong


After participating in previous 2XU run in Singapore it is my honour this year to inspire other runners to achieve their goal of breaking two hours! - Jeff Mclean


Join the blue balloon team to achieve your sub-2h PB by running few steps ahead of us nearing the finishing line - Anthony Png


Let us show you how to outrun a zombie outbreak. Stay alive! Join us! - Chin Jun Sheng


Pain free run. - Colin Koh


Running is a mental battle. Win that argument between brain and body. We will lead you comfortably to the finishing line.- Gary Peh

21.1KM - 2 HR 20 MINS  (GREEN Balloon)

Average Pace : 6:38min / km


From L to R :Soon Heng, Jamie, Stephanie, Ivan Cheer (i/c), Walter, Ken ‘KK’ Lim (2i/c).

(Not in picture : Lim Han Kwang)


Run for fun! Have fun to run with us! - Ivan Cheer


Running is a natural anti-depressant. Running with pacers 2X the dosage - K.K. Lim


Come On, Enjoy the race with us. Let us finish at 2:20 - Walter Koh


Have fun ! - Stephaine Tan


If you want to feel fast, just run with us. There is always someone behind you! - Soon Heng


Run to stay young. What are you waiting for? - Lim Han Kwang


Join us and finish the run together! - Jamie Tan